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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
5 years old bro. No national tv. No worries.

Look, this is nothing to do with hypocrisy. The UFC has signed a deal with Fox. The climate has changed. Doesnt matter if you hate gay people or not. Thats your decision and you have every right to feel however. But if you sign a contract that tells you to shut your cakehole, then you shut it. If you want to be free to say what you want, then dont sign the fecking contract.

Dana signed it. And he hasn't said anything caveman since. I'm sure he wants to... but he hasn't.
Sportsman & soojoo I guess you are right, you both make valid points. Diaz has messed up before & also I didn't take the fox thing into consideration. I hate when stuff gets too PC but indeed most sports would have a problem with the f*g word. He should just have called him a b*tch, p*ssy or whatever, altho I bet he would get into trouble for that as well.

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