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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Who da fuuck is WADA and what do they do?
World Anti Doping Association (or something). Basically, they set the world standard on drug enforcement in sports.

Looks like the AC's likely will make some changes in light of WADA's new standards.

The Nevada commission was already planning on holding a hearing later this month to discuss the possibility of changing the marijuana testing rules for athletic competitions. This new WADA rule only strengthens the chances that the commission will recommend at the very least a higher level allowed when testing for marijuana.

"Going forward I mean we already did this once going from 15 ng to 50 ng about 10 years ago. I know this is something the panel will look at," Kizer stated. "They are already looking at going from 50 to something else, but this kind of cuts down on their homework."

The panel that will hopefully meet during a tentatively scheduled May 31 meeting will then make a recommendation that will be taken to the full commission for a vote. Kizer is quick to point out that while WADA did change its testing limits, it did not vote to eliminate marijuana as a restricted drug, so it's not likely any commissions will overstep that particular boundary.

"It both strengthened the anti-marijuana stance by saying we're still going to have it as the same prohibitive substance, but it also lessened it by also saying we're going to try to fine tune the test to make it over 150 as opposed to 15," Kizer stated.

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