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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Tbh as i was watching the video you posted i kept thinking of FF7 and how this game looks like it keeps alot of the charm of the old school FF games but still making it new and better. Something i wish the new FF games did.

Im going to have to buy this game...

Btw my favorite game ever goes FF7 > Metal Gear Solid > Chrono Cross

(Kingdom Hearts and Legend of Dragoon are also somewhere in the top 10)
The game captures exactly what I missed from FF6-9, while still being modern enough to keep things unique and interesting. It is exactly what FF13 should have been.

The only thing that would hold anyone back from genuinely loving this game is the theme. You have to go into the game
understanding you are playing in a magical world full of unique characters and bright colors/imagination, and the main character is a good-hearted 13 year old. It is not your typical 17 year old emo teen with a giant sword who is trying to find inner peace in a dark and gritty world, in fact it's pretty much the exact opposite which is a great thing IMO, it's very unique and interesting.

Play the game as if you are playing a hardcore RPG made by Pixar, where everything is brightly colored and clean.
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