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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I'm trying not to react negatively considering you're intent on baiting.

Silva is a striker leagues and bounds above everyone else in the UFC. Do you disagree?

Also, Vitor did pretty damn well until the front kick. Much better than anyone else intent on trading with the best striker in the ufc.

Vitor is a high level striker. Using the Silva fight to try and prove otherwise is a joke.

Edit: I just watched the fight again, and I'd even say Vitor was getting the better of the striking until the front kick. Who else intent on standing with Silva could make that claim?
See bolded which is exactly the point I am making. Jones has fought no one like Silva before. The closest he has fought are Machida and arguably Belfort, both of which gave Jones a little bit of trouble in their matches(Machida for striking and Belfort with submission attempt). Those 2 fights are pretty much the reason I think Silva has a legit chance at beating Jones if not being the favourite in that fight.

As for Silva vs Belfort, that fight was pretty lack lustre circling up until that kick, can't really draw any conclusions from it. Silva executed an amazing kick that a top level striker(better then Jones) couldn't see coming or react to though. He is simply just in a different league.

Honestly I think Silva wins a striking match with Belfort 9 times out of 10 but that is my opinion and irrelevant to my point. Too many people are writing Silva out of a fight with Jones just because he has the same size disadvantage that almost every other LHW also has against Jones.
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