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Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
20k? Really? The insult was directed at a straight guy with a hot girlfriend, and the guy didn't even care. Caraway himself said "Everyone is entitled to their opinion." If he doesn't care, why the **** should anyone else? Just a bunch of sensitive retards making a fuss over nothing. You're offended? Boo hoo, get over it. That's life. He could have went on some rant about how he hates black people and misses slavery, I wouldn't care. Sure I'd think he's an idiot, but by no means would he deserve to be punished for speaking his mind on a social media outlet made for speaking your mind.
You really dont get it do you? Tell you what, maybe one day you'll be in charge of a billion dollar sports franchise. Maybe one day you'll be signed up to a major TV network. Maybe one day one of your very well paid fighters will go ahead, break their contracts with said TV network and say something totally dumb in public. Then we'll see if you do something about it or not.

*sigh*... some people in this thread are acting like this is some kind of spit in the eye of human rights. Its not. Nate Diaz can say whatever he wants. He can think whatever he wants. Hes 100% free to do that. Hes also 100% free to work for whoever he wants. Somebody with a contract that allows him to say whatever he fancies without any fear. But he *chose* to fight for the UFC and FOX.

Its got feck all to do with political correctness. Anybody doing any job needs to adhere to their contract, regardless whether they argee with whats written in it or not. It's that simple. Its not politics. Its business.

Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
He ought to have used 'fanny bandit'. It comes across as less offensive/hostile.
... and considerably more amusing.
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