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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
What No_Mercy said. What assh0le move by Rockhold.
If I would step in the octagon and even during the pre fight I would chose always to be humble. Why? Simple. I could get my ass kicked anytime. And who wants to take a beat and look like a fool in the same time? I think the most ridiculous thing is to overdo a tough face or even worse, to get disrespectful or aggressive toward your opponent and say you are gonna do this and that and dominate, bla bla bla and BLAM!!! You are a fool now...

So true. Did ya see Overeem's documentary after that fight. The only person who seemed immune to that was Ali and Wand for a fairly long stretch. Ali would talk soo much trash and then proceed to thrash his opponents.

But yah I'd prefer the low key approach til game time unless I was pretty amped up.

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