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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
It wasn't his point it was his wording choices. Maybe he was half pissed while posting but especially when playing the not racist card you need to be a little smarter with your wording.

As for the people arguing about genetics now. Yes they do come into effect in some regards but not here. Before you can start making assumptions like this Asians need to start training and fighting the same as say North American and Brazilian fighters. Right now it is like comparing apples to oranges, we already know that 90% of Asian fighters don't succeed against top talent in a North American style MMA match but that isn't because they are Asian. It is because they don't have the same quality of training especially when it comes to wrestling. They also have a different philosophy on weight cutting which puts them at a disadvantage when fighting a larger wrestling based fighter.

Now if you were arguing why there are no top Asian HW fighters I would agree that genetics definitely is coming into play. But that is another subject, there are lots of Asian fighters that if they trained properly with top level fighters they could be really good but that likely isn't going to happen at a large scale until the UFC makes larger steps into the Asian markets.
^ A lot of this. Factors that play a huge role in how many good athletes there are in a certain sport is the quality of training possibilities (depends also on money) and the number of people who start training in first place. Why do the US usually take the most medals home from the Olympics¿ It's because it's a pretty big country with a big population and it's a pretty rich country. With the big population there a also a big absolute number of people who train in some kind of sport, the more people who start to train, the more likely it is that some exceptional talent could be among them. Those people need to be promoted, which needs good talent scouts to find them in first place, good training facilities (which often are expensive) and good coaches with good training methods. China i.e. with the biggest population (=biggest probable talent pool) was rather mediocre in taking home medals for the most time, until its economics really began to grow. Now in the recent Olympics it's among the top medal winning countries. Jamaica, a comparable small country breeds a comparable high number of track and field athletes, in particular sprint and long jump, but close to none in other sports. That's because Jamaika at one point decided to put almost all of the money it spends on promoting athletes in exactly those few disciplines. So every kid there already knows that if it wants to succeed in life with sports, it has to start with sprinting and not water polo or ice hockey.
Another factor is how popular a specific sport is. The US don't really succeed in (original) football, because almost nobody cares about that sport. It couldn't be established against the popular team sports like American football, basket ball and base ball. Brasil and Germany have a long tradition of being (original) footbal crazy, hence there are many people who start playing as kids which builds a big talent pool, so they are successful. The UFC which is the biggest MMA promotion world wide targets the US market in first place, so it's no wonder that it's most popular there. With notable fighters like the Gracies initiating the rise of the UFC and a tradition in vale tudo fights, it's also understandable why it succeeds in Brasil and why there so many good Brasilian fighters.
With PRIDE gone, MMA is not overly successful in Asia and in addition rules are different over there, so it's no wonder that there aren't that many successful Asian fighters. But as someone has mentioned, the same applies to European fighters (where in some countries MMA is even banned, so it's pretty hard to build up talents there)
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