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Originally Posted by gazh View Post
Let's use Britain as the example instead of Japan then, nobody knows what MMA is here, maybe 1 in 100 people would understand what i mean if i said MMA; it would not be in the top 50 sports here yet on numbers alone we're probably one of the top 5 nationalities in the UFC.

Super genetics?

Pipe down, Britain isn't good either.

Between the U.S. and Brazil the 2 probably make up 90% or more of the top fighters. Asian fighters are touted well before they get to the UFC. The "elite" Asian fighters turned into a pile or mediocrity or worse in the UFC. Britain's claim to fame is Bisping who is a gatekeeper at best. They have Ross. Manuwa I guess is a prospect at 33 years of age?? Who else?

After the top 2 countries, no country is that strong in fielding good MMA fighters. Canada has GSP and Rory. A couple more decent guys...that is about it. Australia has a couple decent guys.
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