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Originally Posted by Spite View Post
I always find that banging a girl before you get to know her is guaranteed way to lose interest in a woman. At first there is lust and after you bang the lust is gone.

You need to build up a friendship with a woman that ultimately leads to you caring for or loving her, that way after sex the friendship/caring/love is still there.

So I see where your coming from. But you should defo bang the Mexican chick. Why not, think of it as getting some practice in for when you meet that special person.

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Uncle Spite
Listen to Uncle Spite aka the E head. Some sound advice.

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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
been in the same situations u've been in. If there's no challenge it takes away all my feelings. I honestly wish i lived in a different generation where most women actually had respect for themselves and didnt screw every guy they met
I probably live in a generation ahead, but girls were the same. To go even further back in time we'd have to ask Oldfan. I think girls were much more conservative in the 30s- 50's. Roaring 20's had the flapper girls, 60's was prolly the most promiscous of all eras, 70's disco + drugs = sexytime, 80's groupie rockstar movement = orgies, and 90's had all the groupies for the gangsta rappers = more orgies. Girls have always been undercover promiscuous. It's just now being revealed. It's a double standard that largely favours males thankfully. The more numbers we hit the more of a player we are and quite the opposite for the females.

I'm going to put it out there. Banging chicks every month is/was fun...then it gets old. You'll see. The emotional connect isn't there after you've had enough one night stands. Everyone I know are getting married, are married, divorced, or have kids already. I'm like the last of the dying breed still representin'...

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