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Am I necroing this thread cause it's a month old? It was still on the first page so to hell with it, this game is always fun.

**** Susan Boyle, because I'd be taking her virginity, which is always nice.
Marry Lady Gaga for the money and travel.
Kill Snookie so I'll never see her on the news again.

**** Octomom, probably in the backdoor out of necessity.
Marry Betty White, she's probably got a little stashed away, and it wouldn't be long until it was mine.
Kill Hillary, happily.

**** Fallon Fox, I suppose for the story, but really I was just terrified Cyborg would mount me and break my dick off.
Marry Lucas, you see the theme, for Georgie's cash.
Kill Cyborg, thus also killing the only wmma match I'm interested to see against Rousey.

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