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I don't expect everybody to remember every post of every poster, but I have vowed for Sonnen's courage about stepping up for Anderson and Jones. Gosh, even hard core fan CP can confirm that. It is clear he is a corageous fighter and he is not afraid of taking no beat down and have a few stitches. I also disagree about ppl calling any UFC fighter a coward since the guy in entering a cage anyway in front of thousands and I have posted that.

The kind of chickening I suggest in this case is, c'mon, look who Chael was recently beaten. Anderson GOAT Silva and Jon So Far Unstoppable Jones. So, even losing, Sonnen is up there. Now being biased and clueless as any good fan, many predict Sonnen scrubbing the floor with Wand's back. I can see that happening even rooting for Wand (posted). However, from the POV of an expecienced dog like Chael, he knows a fight is a fight and anything can happen, specially if his only chance (TD + GND Control) doesn't work as planned and he has to deal with Wands rage and KO power.

See the picture? It is easy and quite charming to have lost to AS and JBJ. Now try to explain taking a beat from washed out Wand?
He called for the fight before and now is dismissing it. That's the way I see it.
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