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A nice little round up of the event from the bbc.

It would be curious to know whether Microsoft made a conscious decision to make its Xbox One launch as unlike Sony's PlayStation 4 press conference as possible.

We got a look at the new hardware in the first few minutes of Microsoft's West Coast shindig, a contrast to the Japanese firm's decision to keep its design under wraps.

The US firm spent much of its time explaining how it was going to play live TV, stream music and make video calls while Sony's February event was firmly games-focused.

Microsoft's show-and-tell sprinted to an end in less than an hour while Sony took more than double that time to wrap things up.

And then there was the name. While Sony seemed satisfied in adding another number to the PlayStation's tally, Microsoft was determined to reset the Xbox's number system.

So plenty for the internet to chew over, and from first appearances tech writers were more impressed by what they saw than the public posting on social media.

The Register:

On the face of it, the new console looks pretty impressive. Response times and gesture control are very good indeed, the visuals are stunning, and Microsoft scored an instant win over rival Sony by actually having a working console to show off.


The Kinect's microphone is designed to be always listening to users when the console is switched on
Kinect is no longer the optional extra it was with the Xbox 360. If you want the Xbox One you've got to sign up to Kinect too. Get ready to speak to your console.


Microsoft have beaten the Cupertino crew to the punch on their most widely rumoured but as-yet-unconfirmed product, here: An Apple TV. We've often wondered why Apple would bother with a television set when sales of them are dwindling... Microsoft has side-stepped this by making the new console a halfway house.

The Verge:

Unlike the 360 before it, Microsoft's new Xbox One will be able to fully harness the capacious strengths of Blu-ray. One of Sony's key advantages of the prior console battle has been erased, and more importantly for home theatre aficionados, Blu-ray - which still offers superior video quality to streaming services - just got a major kick of momentum in the process.


Microsoft has 300,000 servers ready for Xbox One - more than the entire world's computing power in 1999. That means bigger matches with more players - effectively offering the ability to live in persistent worlds. Goodbye reality.


Today's press event for the Xbox One wasn't just a coming-out party for a new gaming console but a coming-out party for a bold new strategy to make sure that Microsoft software becomes the go-to software for web-enhanced television. Whether this plan bears fruit is hard to say but for the time being it's tough to imagine either Sony or Nintendo - or Apple or Google, for that matter - offering anything comparable.

No news of a new Halo game, but Steven Spielberg is making a spin-off TV series

While Xbox One is not "always on" and it's not deliberately designed to stop the pre-owned games market, it will likely allow "second user fees" to be charged by publishers. It remains to be seen how that will be implemented, if at all. Retailers tell us they have been told zero, which strikes me as a PR blunder here - as these are the very people Microsoft should not be upsetting this early on.


Perhaps Microsoft has read which way the wind is blowing and realises that a gaming-only box just isn't going to cut it anymore. Maybe even gamers want more than games. Last I checked, we care about Game of Thrones too.


The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will both use x86 processors, the same sort of CPU architecture found in most current desktop and laptop PCs. Porting a game between PC and [these] consoles just became that much easier. The Wii U, Nintendo's latest console, just became the odd man out.
I find it interesting that both the PS4 and XBOX ONE use similar architecture to PC's, making porting games much easier. If this is true it will completely re-invigorate the PC market, which as we all know is always one step ahead of consoles in terms of game performance, but seriously lags behind in sales; this often makes it too much of a risk for console developers to port the game over to the PC market.

If true, then expect to see more PC users than ever before. In turn that will mean companies like Nvidia and ATI will be able to invest in graphic technologies, hell the prices of these things ultimately may be reduced. Its a win - win situation for PC guys and Console Guys. I even imagine that could finally see PC and console users playing together on the same servers at one point... finally proving that the mouse is greater than the controller.

Personally, I might just hold off buying either of these two for while and see how the PC games market turns out!

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