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Originally Posted by IMPALED 666
I agree just let it go Trey
Eh bro,

You need to figure it out. Spamming all over the place with nothing but smilie I let it slide. Then, you wanna make signature bets with people, that what you want in people sigs are so ridiculous, I don't know how the admins didn't see that. ruban must not care I guess, cause he's on the most out of all the admins. You would always go against forum policy, and continually have too big of signatures, with albums or whatever the hell those were...(some containing nudity on your other UN), then on this name - you'd put gif's in your signature that were WAY over size limit (ex: the lesbos).

Next, you wanna call me gay and all this other BS cause I told someone I have nice cars and everything cause I model on the side? C'mon...seriously grow up. What are you, 14?

Then, UFCFAN33 contacts you to get stuff straight and you give him some BS response, then I hear from I hit you up to clear the air, find out what you said. What do you do? You twist all this crap up, and say UFCFAN33 said all that stuff about me. HAHA, what a joke you are. I've known him since I've been here, and I'll always take his word over your n00b-ish BS. Lastly, what type of genius does it take to put "F*CK YOU" as a user title? I mean, if that doesn't scream adolescent, I don't know what does.

I never once said a negative thing about you, or the BS you do around here on either of your user names, then you wanna come at me with that crap outta nowhere? I mean, WTF? I just don't get it...

There must be something bothering you....and if you wanna clear that sh-t up, PM me and we will.


robb is right. IMPALED, don't turn this place into Sherdog man. With all your pathetic "What's your favorite sex position?" "Who here has done hard time?" "Your Top 3 Favorite Illegal Hobbies?" --- It's just ridiculous.

I've said my peace.

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