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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Update. Pretty funny actually...

Last night a coworker and my cousin took me to the girl from works house, which is in the ghetto, the actual ghetto too. I go to her apartment for a bit, I hold her for about thirty minutes and then we go upstairs to her room.

Well while we're up there we hear a conversation outside with this black chick trying to gey a couple of dudes to eat her ass. Eventually I lay down and so does she. I hold her hand and we start rubbing each others hand, eventually I kiss her and we full on make out and I start fingering her.

So I get up bend her over and begin to **** her for a couple of minutes until we hear a knock on her door, ITS THE BABY DADDY BREHS!!! So she goes 'he's here to get his shit but I know he'll wanna stay'

So I snuck through the backdoor, in the ghetto with the baby daddy at the front door. Afterwards I went to McDonald's and then we went to Walmart where I took a victory lap around toys which is her department.
I now realize you have worse problems to deal with than Anderson's win streak.
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