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Salty22 has a little shameless behaviour in the past
no chance you could do this for me too is there?
i have the exact same problem (im 6ft3 and 240 pounds tho)
my chest/arms/shoulders are all looking nice now but i cant lose my gut.

i work 4am till 12:30pm every morning
normally i eat:

4am - porridge with honey and a protein shake+vitamin tablet, cup of coffee about 30 mins later

9am - apple with either protein bar or a can of tuna and salad cream

12pm - a multigrain bagel with either steak chicken or tuna. normally have a load of spinach in it too

4-5pm i have my dinner, usually chicken and pasta or a grilled tuna/salmon steak and baked tate. loads
of veggies too.

i also have a second protein shake in the afternoon sometime (it varies)

i workout at 1pm, sun/tue/thursday i do weights for 2-3 hours, mon/wed/fri i do cardio and boxing.
sat is my day off.

when i do cardio i usually do loads of crunches as im trying to get my core strength up.

any advice for me?
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