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What do you guys think?

ok so to start off, i am 150lb's 5'6. I would say i am pretty strong. i am training in bjj, muay thai, and have wrestled for 6 years. i plan to have my first amateur fight in about 3 months, just wondering what you thought of my workout and diet. any things i should improve on. oh and my mma weight class is 145(featherweight).


* Wake up at 6:30am (drink xyience Noxcg3)--drive to gym
* 7-9 am. workout muscle specific days(ex. monday-chest, tuesday-back)ect.
* 9am eat breakfast (egg whites-glass of milk-wheat bread and fruit)
* 9:30-6:00 work full time job (eat promax protein bar at 11:30am lunch at 3pm included: usually turkey sandwich wheat bread-fruit,fruit grain bar and at 5 promax protein bar again )
* 6:30-9:30pm (Traing at Lloyd Irvins Martial Arts Academy)(included: muay thai, bjj, mma, and wrestling)
*10:30 Late night Dinner(chicken breast, milk ect.)

so what do you guys think, any post will be appreciated! is that enough training in a day? when i work out in the morning i run about 3 miles as well..thanks
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