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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Just seen Ryan Hall is out of metamoris 2. This sucks.

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Yah he just got injured! What are ya doin' these days now that you're rehabilitating.

Originally Posted by OU View Post
I have had the hardest time sleeping for almost a month now. Last night was one of the worst nights. Really effecting me during the days now. I fall alseep almost everywhere now. I just nod out here and. Should probably cut down on the caffeine but at this point I need the caffeine just to get to work. Sucks.
Yah that's why I dislike energy drinks. The crash is terrible. Been trying to figure out ways to stay up as long as possible for my online marathon poker sessions. My conclusion is that the human body has to rest no matter what. You realize we spend a 1/3 of our lives hibernating.

I've tried Polyphasic sleep, but I wouldn't recommend it. Thomas Edison, Napolean Bonaparte, Clintonm and a lot of military personnel all adopt this method.

Nothing beats having a solid eight hours of sleep. I got insomnia that's why I'm on the board in random hours...roflz!

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