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Originally Posted by SteSteez
right lol Salty don't take this as criticism but you might be over doing things?
i wouldn't advise on doing weights for 2-3 hours, your body begins to burn out after 40-60minutes...
I'd advise on having atleast 10-15minutes ona cross trainer/treadmill before you go into the free weights section... hit that for 45mins... then afterwards get onto the cross trainer or something again for 15minutes... everytime your working out (weights) cardio as well... but cardio after the weights.
From what you said the food intake seems fine to me, however are you using milk with all these protein shakes and porridge?
If so, try using water instead or fully skimmed milk.
Rest should be the most important part of your work out routine. try sleeping on your front aswell (not your back) tends to keep your abs held in whilst asleep.

Cj-007 same really as Salty, i cant really see a major flaw.

It seems both of you guys are giving me decent all rounded diets, and not a lot of "cheats".

cheats to me is something that enables your body to relax and say: hey this week i've eat real healthy and not eat **** or drank ****... today imma scoff my face full of ****.
its like a reward for all the perseverance you do during the week... so try to establish a cheat day during the week whereby you wont go crazy and eat real unhealthy food, but you'l just change your diet from the health foods.
have a bag of chips, eat a hotdog, get me?
if you have one of these days then during the week you'll see something thats unhealthy and think: hey im not gonna touch that, but sunday i might just eat it.

Drink anyone? both of you guys have failed to inform me of what your drinking...Salty says he drinks alot of protein shakes, but this is a protein supplement not a beverage.
Water should become your best friend, i mean start drnking it religiously.
I drink around 3-4litres if water aday, and no i do not drink alcohol at all, if i do its for someones birthday or something and i wont go near bloating alcohol such as lager.. i prefer the vodka/orange's...

So where do you go from here? establish a cheat day... and stick to it.
Establish more fruit intake rather than snacks, you'll find you'll end up snacking on fruit on your cheat day.

I could give you more advice but see what happens... if your still not losing weight then start spewing up in the toilet

no, just persevere lads
i always drink skimmed (red top) milk
the protein shake in the morning i have skimmed milk with, and the one in the afternoon i have water with (so it absorbs quicker)
skimmed milk in my porridge too.

i honestly dont feel tired from working out for upto 3 hours, it depends how long i have between sets.
my routine so far has given me brilliant gains in strength since feb (i can bench 79kg atm, up from 60 a few months ago)

i sleep facedown with my head to one side (weird way i think lol)

i only drink water, skimmed milk and one cup of coffee.
i dont drink any sort of alcohol ever (straight edge)

me and my gf have our "treat" day on sat, usually have something like a rib eye steak or some sort of fatty cut of meat or something lol.

i get thru 2 or 3 litres of water a day.

thanks for the advice, ill try the cardio thing before and after workout.
i assume a cycling machine is as good as running/cross training?
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