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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
who in the right mind would play online gaming even on a console, people on the web and online are dicks and they ruin your gaming experience
Pretty much ANYONE in their right mind. Also anyone who likes to play competitively. Anyone who does not have friends who are gamers. Anyone too busy to drive to peoples homes to play co'op. So as you can see pretty much everyone who is in their right mind would play games online.

+ Not all online people are assholes. Iv met some cool people in online games that i still talk to 4-5 years later on facebook. I also usually meet a handful of cool people that i can play with and just have a good time gaming. Sometimes i meet some MMA fans even and we discuss the fights.

And if you dont have the thinnest skin in the world it should not bother you what people online say. Hell there is just as many insults anywhere else online as there is in gaming.

And quiet honestly if you dont SUCK and drag the whole team down then you wont get picked on. Iv had occasions were i was on a team and cause we have 1 lousy player it drags the whole team down and makes it damn near impossible to win. Id like to say that iv always tried to help those people but sadly that isnt the case. Iv gotten frustrated with them and thrown some insults out. But ALOT of that comes also from the fact that they wont listen. If you are new and dragging the team down then the very least you can do is take advice from someone who is much better then you. But half the time they would rather ignore you and just keep playing crappy... it gets frustrating.

But still it is all worth it when you meet those cool people and have a fun competitive gaming experience. Plus it does not hurt that you get to compete with people from all around the world. Its an aspect of gaming that you can NEVER EVER simulate in Single Player. (Though i enjoy Single Player games also)

I love Skyrim and im sure il also love the Elder Scrolls Online.

Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
Got around to trying out DOTA 2. All I can say so far is that the community is filled with assholes. I'm being reported just for being new to the game. And they're not just unhappy with me, they're furious. I can't tell you how many times I've been told to kill myself. Not just one or two guys, but usually the entire team. It's nuts.

I have to ask man do you play conservatively?? Since you played LoL i imagine you are familiar with Moba games. Then you should have the basic skills and knowledge to stay alive. Attack/Quickly Retreat/Dont get Greedy/Baited for a kill cause most of the time it wont end well. If you follow this basic concept and let your team do the more pro stuff until you hone your knowledge of the game then you should not be bringing your team down. Not enough for people to call you names as often as you are saying at-least.

Also are you listening to advice?? Or are you just running in their and feeding the opposite team and ignoring what your team is telling you??

Iv played about 6-7 different moba games and iv rarely been yelled at just by following the basic guideline i pointed out above. When i do get greedy and get myself killed and then i start becoming a bit more reckless and sooner rather then later iv fallen behind and have become food for the enemy. That is when people would start insulting me. And as you mentioned above start sending me death threats haha.

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