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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
I have to ask man do you play conservatively?? Since you played LoL i imagine you are familiar with Moba games. Then you should have the basic skills and knowledge to stay alive. Attack/Quickly Retreat/Dont get Greedy/Baited for a kill cause most of the time it wont end well. If you follow this basic concept and let your team do the more pro stuff until you hone your knowledge of the game then you should not be bringing your team down. Not enough for people to call you names as often as you are saying at-least.

Also are you listening to advice?? Or are you just running in their and feeding the opposite team and ignoring what your team is telling you??

Iv played about 6-7 different moba games and iv rarely been yelled at just by following the basic guideline i pointed out above. When i do get greedy and get myself killed and then i start becoming a bit more reckless and sooner rather then later iv fallen behind and have become food for the enemy. That is when people would start insulting me. And as you mentioned above start sending me death threats haha.
Oh I've never played LoL or any game like this. My friend bought me this game awhile back because he wanted someone to play with. I've been putting it off until last night when my Xbox broke. I have no idea what I'm doing for the most part but I gotta learn somehow. The tutorial can only teach you so much.

I don't die too often since I've been sticking to ranged attacks and then running away. The death threats usually come when they tell me to do something and I don't do it. Now, I don't mind listening to the occasional, reasonable request. But when people tell me to push middle by myself against 2 opponents, all the while calling me a f*ggot, chances are I won't do it. I play this game for fun, not to be seriously competitive. Like Osmium said, if you want to be competitive, form a team and make your own strategies together. You shouldn't join a game and expect everyone to conform to your needs.

EDIT: I don't mean you, I mean 'you' in the broad sense.

Will make predictions for credits. Please, I'm so broke.
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