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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
My point is that is not competitive play. Competitive play is organized with teams that know eachother, have strategies, and use something like skype to communicate with eachother during it. If you care about winning so much then that is what you should be doing not getting angry and harassing people you don't know who are just trying to have fun playing a game.

It isn't even always necessarily that the other person is bad but that your play styles and ideas don't match up and you don't know eachother so you can't intuitively react to what the other person is doing.
Thats your opinion (Il give you that random games are not as consistently competitive).... Iv had just as good games with organized games as iv had with random games. So too me both of it is competitive gaming. If you are on a team with pro players even if you are not familiar with one another you should be able to figure out what strategy everyone is using and work together. Part of being good is being able to communicate. If you can only play 1 strategy you are likely not very good. But yeah if you are not very good and get stuck on crappy teams i see your point. And even sometimes like you said all players might be good but are also hard headed and wont change characters or strategies to benefit the team as a whole and thus the whole team suffers. It does happen. But there is always a next match.


I find good players by playing random games. Then when i befriend those players and when they are on we tend to team up again. It all works together.
Well if i want extreme competitive gaming id join tournaments.

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