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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Ya going with color. It's gonna be the opposite of my first tat, the tiger will have color and he is gonna do the background in black and grey (as opposed to the koi that is black and grey with color in the background). I'm super anxious for the next sessions 'cause without shading it doesn't look like much. My guy isn't as fast as yours but I have been really happy with the end results! This one is gonna be three sessions I think. That is one three hour session there. How long are your sessions?

I really dig your lion man! I always knew i'd get tiger tat one day. I love big cats...and most animals! Sorry to hear about your friend. Not sure when it happened but losing someone early is so hard. Can't wait to see the calf tats man!

PS: your beard pwns.
Yeah it was years back. We were like 16, I got it pretty soon after he passed. That was my first tat.

Haha the beard is so much more epic now. My sessions are 6-9 hours each. I just bring my laptop and watch TV.

Yeah I think it will turn out nicely, I like to do the same, most of my tats are partial colour. So when is your next session?

I know Killz has a bunch of tats too.

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