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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
I spent 4 months there, bought a laptop, whole new wardobe of clothes, got some dentistry done, paid for training and accommodation including about 40 hours of 1 on 1 training with an ex Lumpinee and Rajadamnern champion, food and motorbike. I bought a fairtex body shot belt, the new curved thai pads, some new 12oz gloves, 2 pairs of mma shorts ,3 pairs of thai shorts, new shinpads and a whole bunch of benzodiapenes and a quarter oz of some decent bushy weed every few days. During the holiday i flew to Singapore twice to hang out with one of my old buddies. All that only cost me around $6000.
That is effing amazing dude. Sounds like an amazing vaca and the price, holy crap! Unfortunately for me just flying out of Canada is expensive as hell. Would be a $2000 dollar flight and would take around 27 hours haha.

Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Jesus. I need to get to Thailand that's hella cheap. I spent around $1500 when I went to Montreal last summer and all I did was live there and train. Only bought food.

Was planning a trip back up there now that I've kind of established myself at tristar and made some connections, sadly I had to cancel.

I'm still shopping for an artist been asking around actually just got someone's name tonight fork somebody who's work I really liked. And hear he's super patient and helpful.

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Montreal is a fun city but really expensive. I live in Ottawa about 2 hours away, 1 if you drive like a man. I can show you some good artists around here, but sound slike you may have one hehe!

Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I think we had one of these threads before. It usually turns out pretty awesome. I will get mine in here soon.


Apparently I am missing a couple of photos. The Koi Tattoo is actually larger than that now and I don't have a pic of one other tat I have.

They are all pictures of them right after they were done at the shop.
Love you Koi man. Awesome.

Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Nice Coi. Got a buddy who has one w/ basically a whole story written next to the artwork.

You heading back down under... Time flies man. Remember when you were just heading off! Make sure you get one last Thai Ice tea to go!

Since you're on the mend. It's time you get a tat to signify this experience.

You got a bunch of tribal tats right. Those are always sick. Makes you look like you're from the Brand.

I'd go on record that 99% of my crew had tats. I'm the only one who didn't. Although I had one customized for me. Cost $500 just to draw it; three different versions. Caligraphy, freestyle drawing, and traditional form. My estimate is it'll be $2,500+ to do the entire back. So you can imagine how detailed it is. "IF" I ever do decide to work on it I'll post it up in private, but I'd never want to have anyone copy it. Also finding the right artist is absolutely paramount.

Then there's another design I've been researching. One of the reasons I havn't gotten it is because I hate joining the bandwagon. I dunno...but reading about it definitely makes me think deeply about this.

Basically it's all in or nothing. Front, back, collar bone, shoulders, and half sleeve. Can't have full sleeve if I want to work a corporate job unless it's the UFC of course...roflz!
Jump in an d go for it bro! I debated about my first tat for so long and now I wonder why I did. The first one seems like the design needs to be perfect, but in reality once you get the first one it's gonna open the floodgates, and like you said (all or nothing) you are gonna want more!

mad props: Toxic
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