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The 10 Finger Guillotine

A while ago I got an issue of Ultimate Grappling magazine and one of the cover article was "the Loch Ness Monster of Submission fighting." The article was on Chris Brennan's version of the 10 finger guillotine.

I was training today in my BJJ class and I was getting swept so I sat up to get my chest on top of my opponent's head (this applies neck compression so he gets uncomfortable and uneasy) and I tucked my hands together and put them in his windpipe after I lost my hold on his collar (collar chokes are my typical counter for gi-grappling, while I try to put him in guard). I didn't realize it right away, but this is how you lock down Brennan's version of the 10 finger guillotine.

My opponent was alot bigger, and so he managed to get sprawls his legs out and pass my attempt at spider guard and ended up in a side position. I figured that I had lost the lock, but my philosophy is that if your not 100% sure and it's just training, keep it on as hard as you can to see what happens. Apparently a combination of the choke and the neck compression that I got from forcing his head down with my chest, as well as bridging the hips a little so he couldn't slide into a knee-on-belly position kept him from mounting me and escaping and after about five seconds he tapped.

There are two points, the first is the submission. In the article, it was a while ago, so I'll try and dig up what month it was, Brennan really only shows the application from guard positions (position than submission, right), but it's an effective submission from the bottom of side control as well, as long as you have it locked in before he get's there.

Second, when you are training and you aren't sure if something is going to work, try it. That's what training is for. Try new submissions in sparring, because training is about learning and expanding your knowledge. Give it a shot before crunch time, that way when the time comes to actually use it, you'll know whether or not it works.

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