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More Persona 4.

I have to say, it's one of the better JRPG's out there so long as you understand what it is going into it. It's part life sim where you work part time, eat dinner/lunch, go to class, create social links (talking to friends/finding a girlfriend, etc), but as you do these things your combat stats/summons level up, so by interacting with all these day to day things you are actually making yourself more powerful in combat.

The real RPG gameplay comes from the dungeon crawling/bosses/grinding (which I won't explain as it's kind of a spoiler), and it plays fantastically.

I like how it's part life sim, but in a fun way and all the decisions you make outside of the dungeons (the sim parts) directly level up combat stats/your party's combat efficiently.

Honestly I've never played a game like it before in my life.
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