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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I've beaten most megaman games, ghost n goblins, battletoads, etc, it takes only 2-3 hours or so to beat the whole game. There are frustrating moments sure, but honestly I can't claim a game is super hard when I can beat it in 3 hours or under.

We all find difficulty in different things and if you don't find turn based games challenging then that's cool, you and I are just on opposite ends as I find many turn based boss fights harder than anything I've found on any of those old classics.

RPG/turned based games are often played for the story aspect as well, stories in games aren't that important to you I assume?
different strokes i guess, out of curiosity how long did i take you to beat megaman 7 and megaman and bass? I disagree about the time thing because I just beat arkham city and because it's a 3d game its obviously gonna be longer to beat then a 2d game, but it wasn't nearly as challenging as those 2d games. I like story but not for those kinds of game si like stories for legend of zelda and metroid and megaman zero series and banjo kazooie etc.

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