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Heres the thing for both you guys, you said you would like to get down to 205 ish, stop lifting as many times and as long as you are. Start doing longer paced cardiovascular excercise, it takes 40 minutes of jogging before the body starts to burn fat for energy. Plan your day better and stop using too many suppliments, do not eat a full plate before going to dinner eat something light, maybe some protein but not a big dinner. If you want to keep your metabolism going eat small meals like a protein bar or a piece of chicken and some veggies, do this every 4 or so hours. You are seeing a difference in your waist yet your weight is going up, this is because of muscle growth, muscle weighs more than fat so you might not notice changes for a while but start running or biking for an hour a night instead of lifting as much. The cardiovascular excercise will help training your heart and endurance as well as burn that fat you'd like to lose. Make sure you take off a night every now and then so your not overtraining and just say no for a while to the junk foods and beer.

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