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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
This. I rarely rage at difficulty, it's more horse shit things in the programming.

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Yeah I agree.

I will say though that Ornstein and Smough is a well designed fight that is simply so difficult you want smash someone face with a shovel. You have to play it to understand it, it can crush your spirit to continue playing the game. It's one of those bosses where you start optimistic like "okay he's tough but fun, I'll figure him out!", and like 2 hours later you can't even stand looking at the game anymore, you just want a damn cheat code to get passed him because the game is great, but the boss is a wall you cannot get passed.

edit - this is exactly the process that this boss fight makes you go through (it's the same boss too so that's a bonus) - optimism into rage.

Originally Posted by Spite View Post
Lol takes me back to 8bit and 16bit era's. Platform games.. OMG I still don't like platformers for that reason. One missed step due some dodgy physics, collision detection or camera angles and it was back to the beginning!

I've literally thrown disks of bedroom wall in rage. Hudson Hawk was my worst 'nerd rage' experience - stamped that bastard disk into oblivion.
I have never had issues with any older game bosses, few deaths nothing that bad. I've never thrown anything but I've come damn close on rare occasions on bosses like the above mentioned.
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