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Lol I cant need a "other" choice.

My brother got me with a spercial forces hold, all it I got him in my guard and arch my hips to keep him from hiiting me. Well he pulls my head up to him with one hand(like a would be neck crank) and with his other hand turned palm side toward my face as if to cover my mouth. He allies pressure to the underside of my nose, in a unpward steddy force. It makes yours nose and eyes run like you got hit the nose, your nose then starts to bleed....The only difference between getting hit and that is when your hit it will fade away. There its constant pressure like i said.....

The other would be I was in an armbar attempt. I countered that, the guy went for the combo and tried a triangle choke....when i stacked him he swept my leg and rolled me over for an Uma Plata. He had so much force and momentum I though my shoulder was gonna rip out. That and i had mat burns on the side of my face
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