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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Whatever. When I'm playing The Last of Us on my PS3 next week, I'll be thinking of you guys.

There is a monstrous list of *awesome* games that never make it to the PC.

One last thing. FPS? I would rather play any FPS on a controller then using a mouse. Sitting at a desk with a mouse in one hand and a keyboard under the other. Pure geek fest. How am I supposed to get immersed sitting there like that? Rubbish.

Ive been there an done it all. Massive PC lan fests. FPS. RPG. The lot. But now? Bollocks to all geeky shite. I want to kick back, nice lighting, controller in hand... away I go. In fact, I fancy me some Red Dead Redemption right now... its awesome. Have you guys played it? No? Shame.
Full HD - Check
2560 x 1600 - Check
Ability to use any controller on games - Check
Ability to play PC through TV - Check
Mouse for accurate and better control - Check
Cheaper games - Check
Bigger Indy Scene - Check
User Created Game Mods - Check
Larger Game Library - Check
Better Graphics - Check
Better Sound - Check
Better CPU - Check
Better server support for games (more players per server) - check
No subscription service for online gaming - Check
Top End PC's already superior to the next gen consoles - Check

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