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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Oh, one thing... cheaper games? Can you rent PC games?
Enjoy that while it lasts.

While you right about some games - Red Dead Redemption and UFC games, which I desperately want to play; I really couldn't give a shit about 90% of console exclusives. Thats why I sold my 360 and PS3 about 4 years ago.

The genres that I like are almost always available on PC as well as console. Just with the added advantage of better... better... well better everything.

You know what breaks my immersion when playing FPS's on console? Shite graphics, a crosshair that you don't even have to aim properly to get a kill and fidgety control that is absolutely not designed to play FPS games.

Ever played Battlefield 3 on PC? - bigger maps and more players. They tried to do it like that on the xbox and ps3 but bless them, there little tickers couldn't handle it.

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