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I like console and PC both. Consoles have far better exclusive games than PC and more exclusives as well unless you like to count the thousands of awful indie games running around out there, consoles also are far more comfortable to play and has much better co-op play unless you have no friends IRL that likes couch co-op, but PC has mods for third party games like Skyrim that keep games going long after release and some good MMO's, better graphics and better FPS controls. I wouldn't say it necessarily has the best strategy games (I'd take Fire Emblem on 3DS over any SC game for example), but there's no denying that the RTS genre flourishes on PC where as it isn't popular/isn't well done on consoles most of the time.

As for the UFC game, I played through the story mode on the most recent one, it wasn't too bad but it left my memory very shortly after beating it, not really that good, IMO. So it'll be interesting to see how they do this time around.
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