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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
To be fair, console FPS games have aim assist and for people who aren't super competitive, the controls probably are better. They are easier, more responsive and generally speaking you hit your target far more often because of the aim assist.

I agree that PC has better FPS controls, but you can't forget that most FPS gamers (cod fans/halo fans/battlefield fans) aren't there for "serious" play and console aim assist makes things easier thus they can kill more often which means better controls for them.
How do you figure that the controls are better and that they are more responsive???

If anything its the other way around.

Well yea i agree that its from people who arnt that competitive. Which is why i pointed out that the FPS scene on the computer is more competitive.

The FPS scene on the computer is much more competitive
And yes there is an Aim Assist for the gaming challenged and that is good for them. But that does not mean that the controls are better just that it takes less skill to kill on a console then a computer. And if im playing an FPS game i want the kills to be from my skills and not an aim assist. Because playing FPS on the computer is more fast paced the controls set up needs to be in a way which lower response time in any way possible.

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