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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
If a casual CoD fan likes to sit down and play CoD an hour at night or whatever, and he is able to kill people on the console because of the aim assist and controller, but cannot do it on the PC because the PC doesn't have any aim assist and the keyboard/mouse combination is difficult to learn, then those controls are better for him, hands down. They are more responsive because of the aim assist and in general better because he can actually kill people.

Things aren't so black and white, what's better for you isn't better for someone else. You personally think the keyboard/mouse controls are better as do I, that guy however would think they suck and would think the controller on a console is better.

It's called personal preference and nobody is right or wrong.
While I agree with most of what you are saying I just can't agree on the response time. That isn't opinion its just fact the the controls on the pc are better for response time. And the aim assist has nothing to do with the controllers and everything to do with the games programming.

While some people might be better at using a controller then a mouse if you are moving a cursor with a analog stick or a mouse which would be faster?? The mouse ofcourse. So if someone is equally skilled at using the mouse and controller the mouse is faster. This is purely speaking about response time.

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