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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Mouse is faster if you are skilled with it, yeah. I'm just pointing out that some people say (including myself) that mouse/keyboard on PC is best for FPS games, when in reality it's what's best for "us", not for everyone, and it is not the preferred method of control for many.
Well what i think you are saying is that some people are more adept at using the controller then the mouse so they have better response time on the controller. Which i agree with.

But your original post when you quoted me stated that the response time on the controller is faster then the mouse which is false. The mouse is faster then the analog stick thus if you get someone who is equally skilled at a controller or mouse its the mouse that he will have a faster response time with as it is instant and uses the wrist while the analog stick isnt and uses the fingers. (Im not sure how well i explained myself there. It makes sense to me.)

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