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I was expecting to read a sardonic comment from ya Os...lolz! It was definitely one of the strongest seasons to an otherwise stellar series. Man, what a penultimate episode followed by a liberating season finale. If they ended it with the Red Wedding I think all of us would have been seriously pissed off.

Arya is hilarious. I was laughing. She's like that cute little bunny with fangs. That Valar Morghulis coin would be sick to use as a card cap for poker.

I've come to the conclusion that Joffrey has a missing chromosome.

Wildling girls remind me of some past ex girls that I knew. Scary, but strangely riveting.

Tywin is Bernie Madoff or any corporate CEO for that matter.
Rule with cunnning and deception, but it all catches up to them sooner or later.

Stannis is Jason Stratham's long lost brother.

I'm prolly going to ask my Halloween date to dress up as Melisandre.

Varys is turning out to be a benevolent character who happens to be extremely guile.

Will Walder Frey and Roose Bolton become the "Rat Cook."

They really downplayed Jon Snow in this last episode, but I have a feeling he will play an important part in the future.

Sam Tarley reminds me of Cartmen from Southpark. Seriously.

It's been hella fun recapping and commenting on this show's season. See ya next year...or in the other threads.

Damn...I love this show.

PS: Just found this link on all the top shocking moments in a gif format of the show!

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