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Originally Posted by iceman574
acually there is a guy named jonah lee i saw him fight in manchester he is around 5foot 6 and weighs 145lps i am tellin you this guy is only 20 and he is so well deveploed for his weight is isnt even funny he looks more muscluar than some of the lightheavy weights this kid had the potention to be the nest big thing he faught alot like matt huges and his striking was very simular to vitor belfort he had 3 fights in the one night it was a tourniment of some kind the first guy he drobbed with really fast brutal strikes he submitted the second guy and his last fight ended due to tko strickes on the ground whats funny was not many people there knew him he was considerd the underdog i aint kiddin you he was a beast i rekon he would take all the guys from the ultimate fighter the 1st guy he beat had being doing mma for 5 years and had a record of 25/2/0 jonah lee only had a record of 2/0/0 and had only startid competing a few months. the only reason he was in the compition is cos 1 of the fighters dropped out honestly i was so impressed he was exiting to watch and ufc should think of taking a look he would dominate the lightweight devision
You make a really good point about the lightweight division. It makes it really hard for alot of guys who could fight in that weightclass (like me) to make a UFC cut because we have to fight the best in the business at a 20 lb disadvantage. If the UFC goes lightweight I think that we'll definitely start to see some knew big names.

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