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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
The Xbox One is really an awful console all around, from it's mandatory Kinect requirement that few people actually want and inflates the price of it, to it's no used games/renting games DRM, all the way to it's 24 hour required internet connection.

As for what I'm playing I'm about to play some Transformers with my nephew.
What the hell is wrong with them? For the few years the kinect has been out I have let to hear one good thing about it. You spend more time fighting the controls then actually playing the game. 24 hour internet connection and the no used game thing can suck my pucker as well. Its settled, I'm getting a PS4.

Having trouble with the final boss in Persona 4. I think I am going to step back and play something else for a little bit before I go out of my mind. Maybe I'll play Devil May Cry 3. People say its the best in the entire series.

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