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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Well then you are ignorant because for the last forty years Baseball/Basketball/Football players have all used "drugs" to perform. Cortisone shots, stimulants, pain killers, soma muscle relaxants, and many other questionable practices are used in sports. Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruths record using stimulants and Babe Ruth was likely on Coke when he played.
Hold up, don't get yourself carried away. I am not ignorant, far from it in fact. I was talking specifically about the TRT replacement to counteract low Test levels. I never once mentioned not using drugs to perform, or cortisone shots or any of that. I know all of that stuff has been going on for years. I was talking specifically about TRT. I stand by my comment that outside of MMA, I don't think I've ever read about, or heard of any pro athlete relying on it to perform.

Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
TRT is a political issue pure and simple and if the rules say you can do it, it isn't cheating. And quite frankly you are the problem....see what we should be focused on is not "TRT" we should be focused on surprise testing when fighters are cycling. But you see that's work that costs money and it's a whole lot easier to throw out TRT and Pot to divide up the fan bases than have actual Athletic commissions do actual work. TRT is the "gay marraige, abortion, gun control" of MMA a distraction meant to take in your outrage over that instead of the real issues of the sport.
How am I the problem? Because I don't believe any athlete should be given an exemption to artificially raise their testosterone levels when in 99% of cases, their test levels are probably low because of previous steroid abuse? Chael, Reem, Vitor, Hendo, I could go on and on.

In my opinion, you stop the TRT exemptions first and foremost, THEN you aggressively start testing all of the athletes. It's not about TRT being a distraction or whatever but it IS a problem and it IS something that I could never see being allowed in other sports. It's a loop hole and it needs to be dealt with.
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