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Phew, been way too long. Class was just drills where one guy has an advantageous position and is trying to submit while the other guy defends. I did pretty well and don't think I got submitted, maybe once? Then just rolled the rest of the class.

I don't remember the rolls much, I tapped a big white with an ezekiel from mount and an armbar. I had a stalemate/lost a round to a blue belt with a really good open guard that I couldn't beat. Had a good stalemate with a pretty chill brown belt.

I almost died of exhaustion and had to stall alot but managed to not sit out a round. Then I felt like shit afterwards and had to sit for 20 minutes in the change room before I could find my feet and walk home. Promotions are tomorrow night but I'll miss it as I'm working.

I have my first two days off this weekend in around a month. Thank god!
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