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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
I have a friend who is getting the Xbox One because it 'sounds better than the PS4'. I think he may be a little bit slow.
At this point the Atari Jaguar sounds better then the Xbox One. Your friend is going to feel awfully silly if MS decides to get out of the business and shut there network down. Then that Xbox One will be nothing but a useless hunk of scrap sitting in a corner. I can't believe they thought that was a good idea.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Honestly I am thinking the publishers themselves were pushing hard on it and MS thought Sony was going for it as well so they did all this DRM stuff. Now that Sony has shown no they aren't going down that road, MS is in damage control mode (they are policing comments/taking down videos now), and they are probably kicking themselves in the ass.

Just look at this voting poll (Amazon asked users to vote for which console they want).
Which makes it all the worse. They thought Sony was being greedy so they decided lets follow suit and be even greedier. Never mind you'd be screwing over the consumer who helped support your damn company. Even if MS were to scrap the Xbox One and came out with something that didn't blow ass I wouldn't buy it. As soon as MS stops making games for the 360 I'm done with them.

Also, If Sony had done the same thing I guarantee you that Nintendo would have won the console wars.

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