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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
At this point the Atari Jaguar sounds better then the Xbox One. Your friend is going to feel awfully silly if MS decides to get out of the business and shut there network down. Then that Xbox One will be nothing but a useless hunk of scrap sitting in a corner. I can't believe they thought that was a good idea.

Which makes it all the worse. They thought Sony was being greedy so they decided lets follow suit and be even greedier. Never mind you'd be screwing over the consumer who helped support your damn company. Even if MS were to scrap the Xbox One and came out with something that didn't blow ass I wouldn't buy it. As soon as MS stops making games for the 360 I'm done with them.

If Sony had done the same thing I guarantee you that Nintendo would have won the console wars.
Yeah, MS is extremely greedy and always have been.

It's not a huge loss to me as pretty much all they ever really had was shooters/racers, the two least interesting genres in the world and outside of a handful of games like Alan Wake/Lost Odyssey, there's nothing exclusive on the 360 that I like.

Point being, it isn't a loss for me regardless because honestly the last few years MS has turned into the place you go to get exclusive DLC on shooters and where you can talk to your TV. Sony and Nintendo is where all the quality games are at and it has been so for a few years now.

Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I doubt Nintendo would have won.. Even latest news wiiu sales numbers were crap. Not that I think it's bad, but it just wasn't overly impressive sales wise.

Nintendo just doesn't have the same games that come to PS and Xbox with the same quality.
I would say that Nintendo has better quality games than both MS and Sony. It's just a lot of people struggle to sit down and enjoy games for the sake of gameplay/fun anymore, if it isn't a competitive shooter or full of zombies, it's "kiddie". Pikmin 3 for example is going to have more strategy/gameplay than literally any Sony/MS game shown off at E3 this year. I would argue that Fire Emblem on the 3DS is the best strategy game ever made on any console and is better than most PC strategy games. I'd also say outside of FF15, X for the Wii U was the single best looking (interesting, fun, not graphically) game shown at E3, but it got such little recognition by the media because everyone was hyped over the 20 second Halo 5 trailer that had 0 gameplay, because it's a popular shooter.
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