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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I've beaten all the Megaman games (well the X series I haven't beaten or played that much), never heard of the last one you said and I'm not sure if I've played Silver Surfer or not.

I have The Last of us coming in from gamefly tomorrow, but I am thinking of trying FF13 again. Lightning Returns comes out later this year and the gameplay looks really good.

Can someone tell me how often you play as Lighting in FF13? I hate RPG games that make you play multiple characters throughout the game instead of focusing on one character (not the combat but on the story side of things), and I quit playing after jumping between multiple characters for like 2-3 hours, I really can't stand it.
I know what you mean. Its not just rpg games that even do that. It does not make me stop playing the game if the game is good but i much more prefer investing in one character/party. I dislike when Resident Evil made me play multiple characters, when DMC made me play multiple characters. I dont mind it if its for an hour or two just to find out more about a persons backstory or whatever but when its through most of the game its annoying. Makes it hard to invest in 1 character/team.

I just got accepted to the NEW Final Fantasy 14 Closed Beta for the PC and PS4. I think i am going to play it on the PS4 first. I wonder if the worlds are merged or if PS4 and PC are different worlds.

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