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Round 1 - Winnipeg's own Delorme gets a huge ovation from his home crowd. Yves Lavigne will look over the first fight on FX. Lefts from both just miss, and Delorme pushes in and gets a takedown. Figueroa gets up, but Delorme takes his back with ease. He's got it. Figueroa is in tons of trouble. He wants the choke. Figueroa wants out and nearly gets out. Delorme heads to his back and wants the triangle, but Figueroa has an arm in and he's defending while getting elbowed in the head. But finally Figueroa gets out of there and he starts landing some bit right hands up top. Delmore with a beautiful reversal after a heel hook attempt, though, and he gets mounted crucifix. He starts landing up top. He may look for an arm triangle. But he stays in side control. Figueroa gives his back, though, and Delorme is going to take it again. He's got two rear-naked choke wins in the UFC, and he wants a third. Body triangle is good again and Figueroa's right arm is trapped in there. He has to defend with one arm. And Delorme tees off with a few punches. Delorme still wants the choke, but he won't be able to finish it this round. Easy 10-9 first round for Delorme, and he gets a massive ovation.

Round 2 - Delorme wants the takedown early. Figueroa lands some decent punches there, but back on his feet, Delorme takes him back down easily and threatens to take his back. Figueroa has a triangle of his own, though. And it's good and close. Delorme seems to not panic, though, and he survives and survives and armbar attempt, too. Now Delorme will try to land some punches and he gets into side control. Now he'll move over with another body triangle and take the back again. Figueroa defending. Delorme staying patient. But Figueora pops back out and now he's on top. But Delorme wants the armbar now off his back. Big cracking elbow from Figueroa lands. Figueroa's corner wants him to get out of there, but he's landing good right hands. Delorme looks like he's running out of steam. With a minute left, he tries to scramble back to his feet. He gets there and then drags Figueroa down. Much closer round, and scores it 10-0 for Figueora from the solid ground and pound and some submission attempts of his own.

Round 3 - Figueora trying to throw bombs early, but Delorme ducks under and gets the fight to the ground. Figueora briefly has a guillotine, but Delorme spins out, takes his back and he'll start going after the chokes again. Figueroa gets back to his feet, but Delorme has a standing back mount that he gives up, then takes him back to the ground. Figureoa finally gets back to his feet, and he lands a right hand. Delorme answers back, then with a knee. He wants the takedown, but he can't get it. Midway through, both guys are tired. Figueroa lands a left hook and an uppercut, but Delorme moves in and brings it to the ground. Half guard for Delorme, and we'll see what he can do. He quickly leaps to side control. Figueroa gives his back, and Delorme ties him up. Figueroa lands a few punches and elbows, and then is able to nicely reverse. He'll land some big punches from up top. He's trying to finish, and Delorme will just hold on and eat punches. Wow. That makes it close. is going to give it narrowly to Delorme in the third, 10-9, and has the fight for him 29-28. Roland Delorme def. Edwin Figueroa via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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