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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
/me yawns
Originally Posted by osmium View Post
My description was accurate and I can accuse you of praising it just because you want to support it just as easily. I am indifferent to its existence I just care about good skills and athleticism.

The one girl was clearly far more skilled than the other but the fight degenerated into slop because she wasn't actually all that skilled the other one was just terrible. Oh what an amazing fight this is with a third of it being one person not being able to properly apply a triangle and the other person having no idea how to get out of it. Wow what great sloppy slow motion striking THESE GIRLS SURE ARE WORKING HARD!!!!
so do you also hate the prelim fights and regional mma as a whole? The fact that they are not as skilled as the men does not make it horrible,the fact they are evenly matched and had a back and forth competitive exciting fight still holds true

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