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Originally Posted by Roki977 View Post
Stipe is USA wrestler and he has quite a few takedowns. Like you never saw that guy before.
Sorry apparently he is just an american wrestler who wrestles like a european one. No idea why they keep going on and on about him being croatian if he is american. I have seen him fight before he has crap takedowns. You just don't need good takedowns to beat cans. Guys like Cain and DC would make him look like a joke grappling.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
His shot is so bad. He literally reaches down for the guys legs and pulls.

It barely can qualify as a shot.

That said(surprise!) folkstyle wrestling at the HW level is absolute garbage....and mostly consists of two fat guys pushing each other out of the ring(which doesn't even score in stupid ass folkstyle) and resetting every 2 minutes.

Folkystyle is already unwatchable, but if you really want to claw your eyes out, go watch Cole Konrad "wrestle" in college.

No wonder Cole Konrad is a like a big fat real estate agent now or something. Dude would've been trash at senior level and in MMA he never would've been top 10.
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