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for example

aznmaniac0909 "after gomi spanks diaz all my moneys on

"how about a sig bet then. man your avoiding me like tito avoids chuck"

Jawshattera "100, 000 on lambert what planet are you from"
"dude are you insane,babalu is levels above lambert"
Jaw shatteras retarded ass yet again
"anyone who puts 100 grand on lambert is a retard"

"if you think babalu is going to lose to lambert thats just stupid,id bet you 10g's too but you dotn have many points now and ocne azmaniac gets done with you youll be broke as a joke."

KDS13 "
no way he wins this fight. babalu is head and shoulders above lambert."

A smart dude , coppershark "Well, Punishment does have an AWFUL lot of points for you guys calling him dumb.. BUT, I still think Babalu will submit him.. Late in the first round.. Or early second.. I'll Sig Bet with your Punishment if you want.."

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