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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
You can hook a PC up to your big tv and I have a wireless controller for my PC that works perfect. Dunno about ps controller, I have an Xbox one. It takes a little more setup and moving things around, but the PC can be just as comfortable as console gaming.

I have played my PC games with a wireless
Controller laying in my bed multiple times with my main television.
I dunno... iv never seen a PC controller that plays MMOs comfortably. For other online games sure. But MMOs you generally have so many abilities that you need to worry about that the PC set up on those games is best played with a keyboard. And the big PC controllers arnt comfortable to begin with. And seeing as how what i was talking about was MMOs. I dont necessarily care that you can sit on your bed and play other PC games on your TV comfortably frankly i know you can. MMOs that are made for the PC are generally made to be played with the Keyboard unless the game went out of their way to create a complete new set up for controller use (Though i have not seen many MMOs do this and iv played well over a 100). Its usually the action type mmos iv seen do that where you just press 3-4 different buttons to create combos. Not the regular MMOs where you fill up 4 different hotbars each with 10 slots and you need to be able to cast all of them with a moments notice.

Hell tbh i dont even know why people are trying to argue with me since i never stated that you cannot sit on the bed and play a PC game on the tv comfortably (But if you force me to answer i do believe that you cannot play an MMO like wow while lying in bed and using a wireless ps3 type controller. Not comfortably anyway. You need those MMO controllers that look more like a arcade box setup. And the ones i have seen are pretty dang big). All i said was that lvling my guy on FF14 while playing on my PS3 and lying down in bed is much more fun and acceptable then sitting on my computer monitor and grinding on the PC version. (I have both). Though for when i do serious stuff in the game id like to do it on the PC since i have quicker access and more control over everything. They did a great job making the game playable on the PS3 but some things you would just rather want a mouse + keyboard for. (Atleast if you have a choice)

+ I already said that i hook my PC up to my big tv on that very post you quoted. So yes i know you can do that. Though i dont prefer gaming on it because quiet frankly it does not look as good. Monitors look better.

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