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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I'm not overreacting at all, everything I said is 100% accurate to my gameplay experience.

There is nothing "hard" about this game. The only reason I ever died was from poorly implemented game mechanics that didn't function properly. My inputs consistently dropped, I'd be literally right behind an enemy moving slowly ready to press triangle and he sees me seemingly out of nowhere. I hide in a complete dark corner where it's not possible to be seen, however someone sees me 3 rooms away. I press triangle to shiv in the neck when a zombie grabs me and it works maybe 40% of the time.

After 5 hours of frustration I quit. I personally think the gameplay is the worst I've played all year. Graphics/story/characters were interesting, gameplay was like a 5 year old programmed it.

If you are liking it then that's cool, but I certainly did not.
I've never experienced those problems. My inputs work, enemies only see me when I'm in the open or heard, and I can shiv just fine. BUT I have no way to tell how buggy your game is so that's a fair point.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, I'm not saying you have to like the game. I was just letting someone, who hasn't played it, know that it isn't necessarily atrocious or really awful.

Will make predictions for credits. Please, I'm so broke.

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