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The vast majority of people who get paid for a living to know a quality game when they play one reviewed this game spot on. It is exceptional in an array of ways. My only complaint is there is not more to play. Great storytelling, fun and appropriate gameplay mechanics, superb audio and graphics. Perfect survival horror game.

The story was better then a lot of movies I've seen lately. Smartly written, the beginning wraps in very well to the conclusion which lets you take away what you will form it.

I like that the game is set 20 years after the collapse of society. There is no discovery and adaptation that weighs down the majority of stories in this genre. Entertainment culture has people very aware of zombies and surviving right now so it is an advantage to pick up the game at a point when the environment and path to living is mature in method.

The juxtaposition of other survivors and infected as the antagonists is on point for the circumstances established. One is far more threatening and dangerous while the others threat is omnipresent and absolute. It creates a starkly contrasting and unique tone upon encountering differing threats that translates to several different approaches to avoiding or solving them and the resulting gameplay experience.

The way the game plays is better then any other game in this genre has been able to achieve. Things are not easy, you are not John Rambo, you have to think, plan and be prepared more. The real time crafting and switching, the pack size limitations, the scarcity of resources, limited visibility in the environments and limited agility and maneuverability add the perfect kind of tension many games like this simply never achieve. It goes a long way to keep things interesting especially when they are at their most intense.

The lighting and shadow uses collaborate perfectly with the sound effects and environment designs to create an array of convincing sets conveying ambiance few other games have managed so well, especially in the dark areas. The face models are not messed up, which is almost the norm for games trying to say something these days. The progression is meandering yet to the point based on the game play objectives. All of the secondary dialog is very interesting, most of it a perspective of someone who is alien to the remnants of our world.

Have not played the multiplayer yet, maybe tonight.
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